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Alex Pereira Adopts Jiri Prochazka's Training Approach Ahead of UFC 295
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After we saw the lightweight title fight between Islam Makhachev and Alexander Volkanovski, fight fans glued for the upcoming UFC 295’s main event, where Alex Pereira is set to face Jiri Prochazka. While they are set for the upcoming pay per view, both fighters are currently in their training camps. In light of the fact, training camps include different training methods, Pereira, the Brazilian fighter, has taken a different approach to his training regimen. That is the forest training method, which is used by his opponent, Prochazka. Let’s delve into the details.

Alex Pereira Draws Inspiration from Jiri Prochazka’s Training Methods for UFC 295 Prep

Indeed, striking plays a huge role in the UFC, and fighters rely on methods like using punching bags and engaging in sparring sessions to enhance their striking power. However, Prochazka has a unique approach. He takes his training to the forest, where he uses trees as his punching bags. 

Ahead of UFC 267 in 2021, Prochazka went into the forest for his training, and he shared that on his official Instagram account with photos and videos of his outdoor training sessions where he was training inside the forest. Now, it appears that Pereira has followed a similar thing, choosing to train in the forest ahead of an upcoming ppv event. 

While Alex Pereira also opted for forest training, he took a slightly different approach compared to Prochazka. Rather than striking trees like his opponent, Pereira chose to train with a partner, focusing on striking pads. However, the fact that he trained in the forest shows that he has adopted the Prochazka approach, given the upcoming bout where they will face each other. 

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Now that we’ve seen Pereira training like Prochazka, it will be interesting to see if he can use this approach to secure a victory at UFC 295. However, the training video has fueled excitement among fans, especially after the cancellation of the Jon Jones vs Stipe Miocic fight.

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