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It seems the so-called “Matrix” of Andrew Tate, which he has been talking about for years, has once again caught him.

After a year of tussles with Romanian authorities, just when everything appeared to be back on track, he found himself falling into yet another controversy.

This time, he was detained over a case dating back to 2012. Now, not only Romanian authorities but also UK authorities are pursuing the Tate brothers.

Given his notorious habit of speaking his mind without considering the consequences, he has also faced social media bans.

With his legal battles mounting one after another, fans are left wondering how many times he has been jailed and on what charges. Let’s find out

Tate Brothers Arrested On What Charges

Andrew and Tristan Tate, on Monday night, were detained by Romanian police for the second time on arrest warrants over accusations of sexual offenses in Britain.

The Tate brother’s representative said the court will decide on Tuesday whether to execute the warrant until then both of them will remain under custody.

As per, Andrew and Tristan Tate the allegations opposed on them are false and they’ve rejected all charges.

The case is from 2012-2015 of charges like rape,human trafficking, criminal gang have been imposed on them.

Two female Romanian associates were also named alongside the brothers on allegations published in June and seven alleged victims were identified.

In December, the Romanian court ordered the Tate brothers not to leave Romania. Later, the brothers requested the court’s permission to visit the UK to see their mother in the hospital. Both brothers are US and UK nationals.

Tate believes there’s a conspiracy to silence him upon challenging the global elites by saying words on the internet that should’ve not been said.

The surprising factory is that, Andrew on a podcast predicted he would be arrested for things which he said on podcast watch below

Social media platforms have banned the Tate brothers multiple times for spreading hatred and misogyny.

However, fans of the Tate brothers believe that justice will be served to their philosopher, and they will soon be freed from all these controversies..




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