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Is There a Genuine Rivalry Between KSI and IShowSpeed?
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Once, the most popular stars used to be actors and pop stars. However, in the last decade globally, YouTube stars have risen as global sensations, from PewDiePie to Logan Paul and others; the list of stars is endless. Similarly, two of the most popular stars on the internet are KSI and IShowSpeed. While we’ve witnessed many feuds on the internet, there is a question that fans have regarding KSI and IShowSpeed. 

Given they always take shots at each other, have engaged in football matches, and are now set for a boxing showdown, the question arises: Is there any rivalry between them? Let’s dive in to find out. 

Are KSI and IShowSpeed Truly Rivals?

In September, KSI’s Sidemen played a charity football match against YouTube All-Stars. The All-Stars lost, and during the game, Speed, CR7 fan, missed a penalty while KSI was in goal, leading to some playful mockery. And not just this, we have seen each other talking shots at each other on the internet.

And now, they are all set for the boxing showdown scheduled to take place on December 15th, coinciding with Jake Paul’s fight against Andre August. The question arises: is there a real rivalry between them? To answer in simple terms, no, there is no real rivalry between KSI and IShowSpeed.

They are simply playing characters for the sake of entertainment for fans, much like WWE stars who portray on-screen rivalries while being best friends behind the scenes. It’s worth noting that when KSI was training for the Anthony Joshua matchup, IShowSpeed came in to support him and even trained alongside him. 

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And, the Ohio YouTube star also appeared in the Sidemen 20 v 1 video, showcasing banter and trash talk in good humor. Both IShowSpeed and KSI are known for their entertaining personalities, making their rivalry solid entertainment for fans.


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