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Mike Tyson
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Mike Tyson has lived a life that has seen the extremities of success and failures. Coming from the streets of Brooklyn, ‘Iron’ Mike lived his American Dream only to fall back to his demons but then rise again to the heights of success.

A lifestyle- so vivid that HULU replicated it in the web series titled ‘MIKE’. Mike Tyson’s financial graph has seen a similar structure of ups and downs. To this day, Tyson remains the youngest-ever heavyweight champion in boxing.

His resume of 50 wins and 6 losses, including 44 KOs, is considered legendary by several pundits while Mike Tyson remains one of the biggest PPV draws and superstars of boxing. Mike Tyson reportedly made $430 million from his entire boxing career, which is equivalent to $700 million with inflation.

Tyson lived an extravagant lifestyle back in his prime days. Surrounding himself with tigers as pets, living in big mansions, and driving exotic cars, Mike Tyson was all about luxury.

How Much Money Did Mike Tyson Make Per Fight In Boxing?

Mike Tyson appeared in 58 professional fights and made astonishing amounts of money. He made a whooping $1.5 million from his title fight against Trevor Berbick back in 1986. He made a total $30 million from his clash against Frank Bruno and two epic clashes against ‘The Real Deal’ Evander Holyfield.

On an average, Mike Tyson made $7.5 million per fight in his career. He was also backed by lucrative sponsors like Everlast, Pepsi, Nintendo, Eastman Kodak and many others. ‘Iron; Mike has also appeared in several advertisements and movies to exceed his networth. Nevertheless, he went on to lose all of it.

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How did ‘Iron’ Mike Go Broke?

Mike Tyson declared for bankruptcy in 2033, two years prior to his professional retirement. In his final fights, Tyson suffered lopsided defeats and admitted losing hunger to win as he was just fighting to pay the bills.

Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson

He had lost over $300 million die to reckless spending and coted the same o his legal documents. One such spending expenditure was blowing $580k on his 30th birthday party which was attended by several celebrities including Donald Trump. He approximately spent $6.3 million on purchasing super cars. All these expenditures piled up while Tyson was also robbed off million by hi then-promoter Don King.

Later, Tyson sued Don King for $100 million which was settled outside the court for $14 million. All these expenditures and financial controversies led to the downfall of his $400 million worth financial empire. But Mike Tyson is a millionaire in today’ date.

What is Mike Tyson’s Current Networth?

Mike Tyson reportedly has a networth of $13 million now. Aged 57, he is s till inactive in several professions. In 2020, Tyson made his way back to the boxing ring at the age of 54 and fought Roy Jones Jr. in an exhibition clash. It urged several more legends like David Haye, Evander Holyfield ad others to come out of retirement and compete.

Meanwhile, Tyson has also expanded his cannabis empire and has hos own merchandise if fashion and boxing gloves. He is also a regular face in movies, web series and also runs his own podcast titled ‘HotBoxin’. It is reported that Mike Tyson charged $5million for his cameo in an Indian movie named ‘Liger’. Hence, the youngest boxing heavyweight champion is s till finding multiple ways to keep his pockets charmed.

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