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Chinese F1 GP Weather Forecast: Highest Expected Temperatures, Rainfall Chances and More
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Chinese F1 GP Weather Forecast: The wait is almost over as the Formula 1 fans gear up for the Chinese Grand Prix. Weather forecasts are important in Formula 1, where a split-second decision can make or break a race. The weather conditions at the Shanghai International Circuit are unexpected, as it can be blazing sun to unexpected rain on the track. 

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Each team must analyze and strategize the race according to the predicted weather, and the drivers must adapt to each driving style to suit these track conditions. Staying ahead of the weather forecast is essential for securing a competitive edge on race day. 

Chinese F1 GP Weather Forecast: Highest Expected Temperatures, Rainfall Chances and More
Credits: Red Bull Racing’s X (Twitter)

The weekend kicks off with FP1 on April 19 and Sprint Qualifying sessions on Friday. In the morning, the track conditions is expecting to be sunny with a temperature of 22°C, with a cloudy atmosphere during noon, and by evening, the race track is likely to experience a 60% chance of rain showers. 

The weather forecast for Saturday, during the Qualifying session on April 20, indicates dry conditions at noon with temperatures reaching over 21°C, and a high probability of rain showers exceeding 80%. On race day, it is expected to be misty and cloudy by over 22°C. Race temperatures are expecting to be 22°C, with a minimum of 13°C and a slight chance of rain. 

Which streaming platform can you watch F1 online? 

Several streaming platforms enable fans of Formula 1 to watch the race online. Sky Sports F1, ESPN, F1 TV Pro in the US, Sky Sports in the UK, TSN in Canada, Fancode, and F1 TV Pro in India.  As the Chinese Grand Prix unfolds, the team and drivers will keep tracking the weather conditions, formulating strategies throughout the weekend to deliver a competitive race at the Shanghai Circuit.

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