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Does Max Verstappen Have More F1 Championships Than Lewis Hamilton After Winning Japanese GP 2024?
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The dramatic DNF of Max Verstappen from the Melbourne race to his claiming the pole position at the Japanese Grand Prix 2024 is a reminder of the extraordinary talent and willpower needed to compete at the highest levels of race, which shows his journey to this achievement speaking volumes of his ability, determination, and undying love for racing with 3 championships and 101 podiums in his racing career.

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Verstappen made his racing debut in 2015, and since then, he has won numerous races and made a name for himself as an outstanding opponent for all the top drivers on the grid.

Does Max Verstappen Have More F1 Championships Than Lewis Hamilton After Winning Japanese GP 2024?
Credits: Red Bull Racing’s X (Twitter)

Verstappen’s accomplishments are indications of his outstanding ability, dedication, and constant pursuit of greatness. The incredible talent and his fearless driving style of the Dutchman have made him a serious threat in the Formula 1 world for quite some time after Lewis Hamilton. 

As the lights went out at Suzuka Circuit, Verstappen wasted no time to show his dominance on the track. Verstappen’s performance has been outstanding in the past 3 years. He has consistently outperformed his rivals and dominated the championship standings with several outstanding wins and podium places.

Even with his victory, Verstappen is still short of breaking Lewis Hamilton’s record to become the driver with the greatest number of World Championships. Verstappen has three titles and 101 podium finishes, while Lewis Hamilton has seven championships and 197 podium finishes.

Who has the most number of championships in F1?

The number of championships is held by Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher with 7 world championships. Schumacher is Germany’s finest driver in Formula 1 racing. He has an unparalleled degree of success during his career, winning seven Formula 1 World Championships and 91 Grand Prix whereas Lewis Hamilton holds 7 world championships with 197 podium wins in F1.

Schumacher’s driving style can be defined by his skill, talent, and determination to win races. He was good at making the most out of his car and his strategic ability, allowing him to dominate the sport for years. Schumacher’s accomplishments established his reputation as one of the finest drivers in Formula 1 history and continue to attract affection and admiration.

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