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The RB Formula 1 team has revealed an eye-catching multicolored theme livery for their car, VCARB01, ahead of the Miami GP this weekend.

The team has designed the car in a rainbow theme naming it the “chameleon livery” which is expected to add a fun element while racing in Miami.

The livery includes various colors including teal, orange, and yellow as to stand out differently from the rest of the teams.

The designers kept the blue and silver engine cover and the red and white wings, but they changed the rest of the car.

They applied a unique livery that starts from the nose, goes through the sidepods, and to the rear wing endplates.

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On the other hand, Mercedes team Principal Toto Wolff revealed that making too many setup changes to their car for the race in China put them on the back foot.

Now, let’s take a look on both teams, What special features does RB’s new livery include? And what upgrades has Mercedes made for the Miami GP?

RB’s Chameleon Livery: A Vibrant Transformation For The Miami GP

The newly formed Italian team is entering its first-ever Formula One season and introducing a special livery for their debut race in the US.

Their boss, Peter Bayer, had some words to say about it.

“Visa Cash App’s Chameleon Livery is the perfect color scheme for our first race in the US,”

“Since the team’s Las Vegas launch in February, we’ve taken some big steps forward, and we’re bringing fans on an exciting new journey.

“That desire to progress and connect is shared with Visa and Cash App, who are bringing people together in the sport through experiences that are unlike anything else out there.

“This incredible livery and the events surrounding its launch here in Miami demonstrate their commitment to the team and F1, and we can’t wait to see the Chameleon VCARB01 in action this weekend.”

The livery unveiling occurred in Miami’s Wynwood district, renowned for its street art, with a primary focus on attracting a younger audience.

Bayer stated that they prioritize race, but they also recognize the importance of entertainment. Therefore, they are striving to maintain a balance to attract the audience.

“It’s about racing, obviously, and we want to be very serious and focus on the racing, but at the same time, we want this team to be valuable, to have some entertainment.”

Toto Wolff: Mercedes’ Initial Upgrades for the Miami Grand Prix

After Lewis Hamilton fell from securing the second pole position in the sprint race to being disqualified in the qualifiers.

Wolff acknowledged that too many setup changes caused a significant loss to the team.

Upon this admission Wolff confirmed the W15 will have it’s first upgrades before the Miami GP.

“We’re ready for Miami and the first US race of the year,” Wolff said.

“It is a challenging circuit and, with the second Sprint of 2024, will provide another interesting test for the team.

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“We didn’t perform at our best in China, making too many set-up changes ahead of qualifying. That put us on the back foot for the rest of the weekend, although both drivers did well to bring home points.

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