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Formula 1 2026: What Is F1’s Aero Plan in the Next Two Years?
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Formula 1 is the pinnacle of motorsport that has been attracting fans worldwide with its races, technology, and skilled drivers. Over the years, F1 has been constantly evolving and bringing new regulations, aiming to bring more safety and competition into the sport. By the year 2026, F1 is setting an aero plan that can undergo various changes in the sport.

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In the next two years, 2026 F1 is planning on one of the crucial aspects of introducing the Aero plan to increase the performance of the car while minimizing the drag.

Formula 1 2026: What Is F1’s Aero Plan in the Next Two Years?
Credits: McLaren F1’s X (Twitter)

The new turbo engines will have an equal split between the combustion engine and the battery to boost performance, allowing the car to have movable aerodynamics.

What is Aero plan in Formula 1?

The idea is that the car’s wings will be able to produce a lot of down force during turns, giving the drivers more grip and allowing them to pick up speed in a straight line before switching to a low-drag configuration.

when the rear wing is in its low drag configuration, the engine will be at full power which makes the car spin in straight circuits or unable to take smallest curves without the rear steeping out.. the shift in this aero plan is 3 times as experienced when DRS is on.
To improve performance, the FIA has agreed to include both rear and front wing movement in the aero design for the year 2026.

“I think there’s been some good progression, I think that the FIA have taken on board some of the feedback, and some alterations have been made,” says the Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner.

“We’re waiting for the chassis regulations, which will be a fundamental part of the 2026 package now and how that interacts with these power units. The various working groups are working hard on that and it’s important that we conclude something in the near future.” Horner added.

F1 is looking forward to bring more bold changes in motorsport with constant changes to increase performance while challenging the teams and drivers to showcase their skill and excellence in the sport. As the sport evolves, it is redefining the boundaries of the sport.

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