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Formula 1: Is Max Verstappen on Top Spot After Beating Lewis Hamilton in the First Sprint of F1 Chinese GP?
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Max Verstappen is growing as one of the strongest forces in Formula 1. The Red Bull driver has recently outperformed Lewis Hamilton at the Chinese GP. The Dutchman’s victory over Lewis Hamilton in the Chinese Grand Prix’s first sprint displays Verstappen’s incredible driving ability and strong passion for competition. 

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The Red Bull drivers’ career has consistently grown over the last few seasons, in a short time, Max Verstappen has become one of Formula 1’s finest drivers on the grid. He had his F1 track debut in 2015 at the age of 17, and since that point, he has gained recognition for his aggressive driving style and ability to push beyond his limits.

Formula 1: Is Max Verstappen on Top Spot After Beating Lewis Hamilton in the First Sprint of F1 Chinese GP?
Credits: Simply lovely Max’s X (Twitter)

At the 2024 Chinese Grand Prix on Saturday, the first sprint race of the season marked the victory of Max Verstappen.  At the Shanghai International Circuit, the Dutchman beats the seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton by a margin of 13.043 seconds in the 19-lap sprint race, maintaining his lead. Hamilton finished 2nd in the race followed by Sergio Perez in the third position.  

The first few laps were quite hectic, Once I got in the lead the car was handling pretty well,” Verstappen says. 

What position did Lewis Hamilton secure in the sprint race? 

Hamilton proved that he is still a powerful rival after finishing second position in the sprint race at the Chinese Grand Prix 2024. The seven-time world champion Hamilton’s second-place result is proof of his ability to compete at the highest level. He placed Verstappen under pressure with his race strategy and pace, which resulted in a great battle between the two champions.

“I forgot what it felt like to be up ahead and it felt good for the short while that I had it, so I was grateful for the moment, To be on the front row, I don’t remember having had that view for a long time,” Hamilton says.

The Verstappen-Hamilton rivalry has become one of the most unexpected battles recently in Formula 1, adding more excitement to the sprint race. As the season goes on, the fans are expecting more thrilling races between Verstappen and Hamilton, with each driver competing to secure podium finishes.

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