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As we all know, Formula One is back in action and fans are already excited about the first race of the 2024 season the “Bahrain Grand Prix”, which takes place on Saturday, March 2.

The ‘Bahrain Grand Prix Weekend‘ as well as next week’s ‘Saudi Arabian Grand Prix’ starts a day earlier than normal due to the Muslim holy festival of Ramadan.

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So, Before the actual race, teams will conduct FP1 and FP2 on Thursday, February 29, in preparation for FP3 and qualifying on Friday, March 1.

Let’s know more about the Bahrain Grand Prix by addressing the Frequently asked questions by the F1 fans worldwide.

What Is The Start Time For The Bahrain Grand Prix?

Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix Schedule 

Thursday, 29 Feb

 FP1/12:55 pm (IST)

FP2/4:25 pm (IST)

Friday, 1 March

FP3 / 1:55 pm (IST)

Qualifying/5:25 pm (IST)

Saturday, 2 March

Bahrain GP Main race 4:25pm(IST)

Where To Watch It In India?

The Bahrain Grand Prix weekend can be Watched on Formula One’s official app F1TV and F1TV Pro, where all exclusive practice and qualifying sessions from day one to end.

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As F1 has not provided its rights to any other sites except its own app, one good thing for Indian viewers is that they can enjoy watching GPs and other events related to F1 as ‘Fancode’ has acquired the broadcasting rights of F1.

What Are The Alternative Options For Watching The Bahrain Grand Prix In India Besides F1TV?

Fancode is a website that live streams sports across the globe. Fancode has made available F1 to their website in India in more cheaper rates than the official F1TV.

Viewers can enjoy The practice session, the qualifying session as well and the Main race with an annual subscription of just Rs599, also An individual race pass is also available for Rs49 if viewers want to watch some races throughout the season.

Viewers can visit the Fancode official app or website, create an account, and subscribe to whichever pass for Formula One.







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