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How Much Money Did Max Verstappen Make by Winning F1 Chinese Grand Prix?
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The Dutch driver Max Verstappen is one of the most successful drivers of this era. Red Bull is known for his outstanding driving abilities and aggressive driving on the track and has proven himself as a powerful competitor in the 2024 Formula One season. He is a strong driver with a high chance of winning a championship because of his ability to perform well under pressure and outperform others in the field.  

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In the 2024 Formula One season, Red Bull driver has been successful winning multiple races in this season so far. As a result, his skill as a driver has helped his team, Red Bull among the top teams in the championship rankings.  

How Much Money Did Max Verstappen Make by Winning F1 Chinese Grand Prix?
Credits: Red Bull Racing’s X (Twitter)

Each race’s prize money is based on many factors, including the race’s location. The winnings of Formula One races usually consist of prize money, ranging from several hundred thousand dollars to several million dollars. The Chinese Grand Prix is one of many locations in Formula One races that offer high financial awards to the winners.

“It was a good one, yeah, Also, in terms of the balance in the car, we did a good job as a team to make it even better than what it was at the start of the weekend,” Verstappen says after the Chinese Grand Prix.

Up until 2028, Max Verstappen’s deal guarantees him an amount of around $55 million annually, making him the highest-paid driver in Formula One. Verstappen’s victory in the Chinese Grand Prix will secure him bonuses from Red Bull besides the prize money. This bonus increases the Dutchman’s pay and his yearly income.

How many races did Max Verstappen win in the 2024 season?

Max Verstappen has won four of the five races. The world champion won the season’s opening race in Bahrain, and Verstappen also won the races in Saudi Arabia, Japan, and China.
The Australian Grand Prix was the only race that the Dutchman did not win, as the Red Bull driver had to retire the vehicle because of braking problems. The Dutchman’s victories in the 2024 Formula One season have had major financial growth and his victories at major events like the Chinese Grand Prix increased his reputation, and revenue, establishing his position as one of the top drivers in Formula One.

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