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Is Ferrari and Lewis Hamilton Reconsidering Their F1 Deal?
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Formula 1 season continues to unfold some incredible performances of drivers and teams in the 2024 season. Carlos Sainz has notably outperformed and gained the respect of all the people on and off the grid with his incredible races, consistently securing podium finishes in all the races he has competed.

Despite his performance, Sainz is getting replaced by Lewis Hamilton for the 2025 season, who is struggling to secure top-10 finishes. However, there have been some changes to Ferrari, as it looks like they are reevaluating their partnerships with Hamilton. 

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Ever since joining Ferrari, Sainz has showcased a consistent performance with skill and his smooth operation on the track. he has achieved podium finishes in every race he has competed in, except for one instance where he was unwell.

Is Ferrari and Lewis Hamilton Reconsidering Their F1 Deal?
Credits: Sophie tv’s X (Twitter)

His ability to consistently contend for podium positions displays his talent and potential as a top-tier driver within the sport. Chilli is also the one driver on the grid who has been a constant challenge to the Red Bull team and by breaking their dominance in the race. 

Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton has been struggling with his pace this season with the Mercedes team. Since the 2024 season started, the seven-time world champion has been struggling on the track. Hamilton has been in a position outside his top rankings, which has raised concerns and questions about his future in F1. 

Does Ferrari regret signing Lewis Hamilton? 

Toni Cuquerella, Former Ferrari technical engineer shares his views on Lewis Hamilton joining the team and might regret replacing Carlos Sainz for 2025 since Sainz is the only non-Red Bull driver to have won a Grand Prix this season and the only driver to challenge the Red Bull team. 

“I think that, if you take away the points, because there was a race that Carlos couldn’t do, it is making Ferrari rethink whether they did the right thing or not, whoever made the decision is going to have a bad end of the year.” Toni Cuquerella says in an interview with DAZN. 

Sainz’s impressive podium finishes and being one of the top drivers on the grid while Hamilton struggles to maintain his dominance in the sport in the past few years. Whether Ferrari and Hamilton choose for continuity or any changes in the contract, Formula 1 remains an unpredictable journey for any drivers.  

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