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Is Istanbul Circuit Returning Back In Formula 1? All About Turkey's F1 History
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By 2026, the Istanbul circuit aims to bring in new operators and return to Formal 1. In 2020, the Turkish Grand Prix made a comeback to F1 but needed tens of millions of euros to secure a contract over rivals. Currently hoping to return with a new star.

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Istanbul Circuit making its return to F1 

In 2005, the Turkish Grand Prix was added to the Formula 1 competition. This Grand Prix had a fall because of excessive costs and the race’s low profit margin at the time, which was extending until 2011.

Is Istanbul Circuit Returning Back In Formula 1? All About Turkey's F1 History
Credits: Ahmet Cir F1’s X (Twitter)

It resumed in 2020, after the majority of the races were canceled due to COVID-19, and the Turkish Grand Prix was included in the rescheduled events. Compared to the 2005–2011 period, Istanbul Park had more attendance in 2020 and 2021, showing its popularity among drivers.

President Tayyip Erdogan has been hoping to bring the Turkish Grand Prix. Chairman of F1 tyre producer Pirelli’s Turkish business has won the contract for running the track for the next 30 years for around $117.8 million.

According to the contract requirements, the operators will be reaching a deal within a month for Formula One to return to Turkey, and if the track does not hold a Grand Prix starting in 2026, they will be required to pay the administration 25% of the F1-hosting contract cost. Additionally, the new owners will be permitted to construct retail centers and entertainment property under the contract.

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