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Max Verstappen
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Max Verstappen is known for his driving skills and passion for the pinnacle of motorsport which is Formula 1. In recent times, Max’s achievements along with his popularity and earnings have skyrocketed and he’s been dominating over the past three years. While F1 is still growing in popularity day by day the question arises in fans’ minds what makes him different from other drivers? What is his driving style for which team does ‘Mad Max’ drive and how did he enter into that team let’s dig in and find out.

Max Verstappen
Credits- Max Verstappen Instagram

For Which Team Does Max Verstappen Drive For?

The son of former F1 driver Jos Verstappen, Max was into go-karting at the age of four, because of that it was pretty easy to guess that he would follow in his father’s footsteps. Jos’s career as an F1 driver was less decorated than his son’s. Max entered Formula 1 Racing at the age of 17 which made him the youngest driver in f1 to enter.

He made his Grand Prix debut at the 2015 Australian Grand Prix. Two weeks later he became F1‘s youngest points scorer with seventh place in Malaysia. At the start of his career, he used to drive for Toro Rosso. After four races in the 2016 season, he was promoted to the senior Red Bull team and won on a debut at the 2016 Spanish Grand Prix to also become the youngest race winner in Formula One history.

Max is Oracle Red Bull Racing’s primary driver, which has made him achieve what he has conquered to date. He has entered around 185 grand prix, winning 98 podiums with Red Bull Racing. After winning back-to-back championships in 2021 and 2022, Red Bull’s RB19 car was introduced in 2023 which helped them achieve their third championship with Max Verstappen.

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The RB19 is statistically the greatest Formula 1 car of all time driven by Max with 21 wins from 22 races,860 championship points, and a win percentage of 95.45% in 2023. Earlier he drove their RB18 which made him win the previous championships. so this was Max’s driving history for the Red Bull Racing.

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