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Suzuka Circuit F1: How Big Is Japan's Formula 1 Track?
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It’s race weekend at the most popular stop in Japan, the Suzuka International Racing Circuit, also known as the Suzuka Circuit. This circuit is well-known for the challenges that it offers. It is one of the few circuits with eight layouts around the globe.

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How is Suzuka Circuit the biggest track?

One of the toughest tracks in Formula One racing is Suzuka Circuit. From a technical, physical, and psychological perspective, it presents a significant challenge to the driver.

Suzuka Circuit F1: How Big Is Japan's Formula 1 Track?
Credits: AhmetCirF1’s X (Twitter)

With tires, traction, grip, and direction changes, all teams and drivers must aim for the ideal setup for a successful weekend. Within a maximum speed of 315 km/h and an average of roughly 230 km/h, the 5.81 km track requires drivers to drive carefully due to its combination of fast and slow bends.

The circuit has 18 corners total—10 on the right and 8 on the left. Since Suzuka lacks tarmac run-off places, drivers must ensure that their tires remain on the track at all times to avoid going off the track. The track is anticipated to hold 155,000 people, and there have been times when there were extremely large crowds.

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