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What Lap Did Lewis Hamilton Retire At Australian Grand Prix 2024? Exploring the Mercedes Star's
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The Mercedes W15 seems to be struggling to finish races this season. Lewis Hamilton’s weekend took an unfavorable turn as he had to retire his car due to an engine failure on the 17th lap. Consequently, there are many fans who has many questions related to this. So here’s all the details that you need to know.

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Lewis Hamilton’s weekend gets worse with Mercedes

The eight-time Australian pole-sitter Hamilton had the worst possible weekend due to an engine issue that caused him to stop the car during the race.

What Lap Did Lewis Hamilton Retire At Australian Grand Prix 2024? Exploring the Mercedes Star's "Real Struggle"
Credits: Mercedes AMG Petronas F1’s X (Twitter)

After the worst qualifying and being knocked in the Q2, Hamilton started the race in 11th place. But the race turns out worse for Hamilton as he experiences engine issues and is forced to pull the car over the side of the track.

“I didn’t feel it coming. Definitely frustrating because it was so early in the race, it was open to be able to progress forward and on a different strategy to everyone. But these things happen.” says Hamilton in a post-race interview.

“Nothing more than I’ve known before… We didn’t look terrible in the high-speed [corners] but we’re slow in the low-speed this weekend, whereas in the last race we were bad in the high-speed, good in the lower stuff. Yeah – a real struggle this weekend.”

Lewis is the second driver to retire his car after Max Verstappen retired the car because of a brake problem that resulted in fumes within the vehicle. 

The Mercedes race day took an even more dramatic turn when George Russell’s car crashed during a chase with Fernando Alonso. Neither of the Mercedes cars scored any points at the end of the race. Hopefully, Mercedes will look into their current problems and return stronger for the upcoming Grand Prix.

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