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What makes F1 before and after 2014 so drastically different
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Formula 1 is motorsport with high-speed racing, which goes back to the 1950s. Over the years, there have been some major changes in the motorsport industry. In 2014, various technical rules were introduced, building in the hybrid era, which gained both praise and equal criticism but significantly impacted shaping the future audience of Formula 1.

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F1’s Game-Changers: Introduction of turbocharged hybrid power units in F1″

Before 2014, the Formula 1 cars were using V8 engines, which had a defining roar and power to the car. However, with the change in global trends and effects, the sport made a huge transition into sustainability and efficiency, transforming the V8 engines to V6 power units. These power units featured an Energy Recovery System (ERS) which changed the engine development.

Credits: Mercedesamg F1 Instagram

These engines focused more on fuel efficiency while utilizing energy from braking and exhaust heat, therefore reducing the carbon footprint. These sudden inputs not only changed the mindset of the game but also brought changes to the competitiveness of the sport.

F1’s further changes explained

These new regulations also lead to a budget cap where each team has to cut their budgets to a certain amount for all the teams to spend on these races.

This change of engines also made it more complicated and expensive for certain teams. Each team had to spend tons of money on research and development to meet the new rules, but it became a little difficult for certain smaller teams. But this emphasis on technological innovation speaks to the new generation of sports fans.

Also, the comeback of some classic champions to the racing made it more competitive and, with the increase of interest in Formula 1, thereby attracting a wider audience worldwide.

Formula 1 continues to be the most exciting race sport, with its unique blend of beauty and drama which is lacking in most other sports, which has attracted a lot of audiences in recent years as well.

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