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Who Is Ferrari’s F1 Team Title Sponsor? Networth, Brand Value and More
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The Italian team, Ferrari, has been in the motorsport industry as an unbeatable force, with its popularity and huge fan following. Ferrari has announced their multiyear sponsorship with the American company Hewlett Packard (HP). Ferrari will display the new blue symbol of Hewlett Packard (HP) on their uniform from the Miami Grand Prix that is being held next week. 

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This sponsorship agreement will not only change Ferrari’s branding on various platforms, but will also extend to include the team’s F1 Academy.

Who Is Ferrari’s F1 Team Title Sponsor? Networth, Brand Value and More
Credits: Scuderia Ferrari’s X (Twitter)

Due to its long history in Formula One, Ferrari has been able to negotiate attractive contracts and partnerships with various top teams, making them one of the highest-earning teams in F1, receiving a bonus of 5% of the prize money each year, for the time they spend on the sport. 

“Our founder passed on to us his continuous will to progress. From this stems our drive to innovate on the road and on the track, as well as our commitment to a sustainable future, from carbon neutrality to the education of the younger generation. In HP, we have found the same values, which make it an ideal partner. We look forward to starting our collaboration and facing new opportunities and challenges together,” Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna says.

How Much Money Does Ferrari receive from the New Title Sponsor?

The timing of the collaboration with HP is crucial, given the budget constraints imposed on Formula One teams, which is $135 million yearly budget cap. 

According to F1 presenter Will Buxton, this sponsorship is crucial for the team as it could cover 66% of Ferrari’s annual budget cap, which is two-thirds of the total, the partnership not only renames the racing team Scuderia Ferrari HP but also provides a significant financial boost.


According to Sports Business, the deal with HP is worth Red Bull’s Oracle title sponsorship deal, which is reported $90 million per year.

This partnership will not only help the team to afford Lewis Hamilton for the 2025 season but also help the team to gain a place at the front grid with the Red Bulls.

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