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Why Did Lewis Hamilton Avoid Vindication in His F1 Ferrari Move?
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The announcement by seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton that he was switching from Mercedes to Ferrari surprised the Formula 1 world and caused a lot of debates among the fans. Since joining Mercedes in 2013, Hamilton has proven himself as one of the best drivers in the world of racing. He has won numerous races and multiple World Championships due to his great relationship with Mercedes.  

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Many people consider this transfer to Ferrari for the 2025 season as both risky and thrilling for the seven-time world champion. Ferrari is one of the most iconic teams in Formula One, with a rich history and fan following. 

Why Did Lewis Hamilton Avoid Vindication in His F1 Ferrari Move?
Credits: LH Fashion Only Fan’s X (Twitter)

The switch from Mercedes to Ferrari was announced in February, causing criticism and numerous concerns regarding Hamilton’s F1 career.

“I don’t feel like I need my decision vindicating. I know what was right for me and that hasn’t changed since the moment that I made the decision. There not been a moment where I questioned it, I’m not swayed by other people’s comment,” Hamilton says ahead of the Chinese Grand Prix. 

People both on and off the grid have been questioning the move since Hamilton’s 2024 season performance has been poor, in which Ferrari outnumbered the seven-time world champion.

How many team swaps did Lewis Hamilton make in F1?

In 20o7, Lewis Hamilton made his debut in Formula 1 with McLaren, securing many podium finishes. After five years at McLaren, the world champion left the team to join Mercedes in 2012. Following his second switch from McLaren, Hamilton remained with Mercedes from 2013 until 2024, winning seven world championships and developing strong bonds with the team.

This will be Hamilton’s third switch in his Formula 1  career. Both the fans and the people on the grid shared the excitement at seeing the Britisher in Red.  Given Ferrari’s recent consistency in competing in the front row of dominating the track, Hamilton might have a chance to impact the team, bring a change, and reclaim his championship.

Hamilton and Ferrari’s collaboration is going to make history and huge changes in the upcoming season of Formula 1.

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