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MFN Champ Chungreng Koren Takes Cues from Khamzat Chimaev and UFC Peers to Quell Disheartening Violence Situation
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Sports aren’t just about winning, losing, getting famous, and becoming rich. They’re also about inspiring young talents and shaping one’s character, serving as role models for many. UFC, known for its unfiltered nature which offers free speech, fighters like Islam Makhachev, Khamzat Chimaev, and others have used their platform to voice concerns on the Israel-Palestine situation. Similarly, a fighter from the MFN promotion, Chungreng Koren recently did the same, expressing concern to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi about the ongoing violence happening for a year.  Adding to that, the MFN Star urged the Prime Minister to address and resolve this disheartening issue by visiting the affected areas.

MFN Star Chungreng Koren Makes Emotional and Urgent Appeal to PM Narendra Modi

In 2023, violence broke out between the Meitei people, living mainly in the Imphal Valley, and the Kuki-Zo tribal community from the nearby hills in Manipur, India’s northeastern state. Since then, hundreds of videos showing the violence have circulated on the internet. However, a new video about Manipur is getting viral, and it’s not another violent one. Instead, it features an emotional plea from an MFN star, Koren.

In the video, the Manipur’s fighter Koren after winning the interim Bantamweight championship against Mohammad Farhad by TKO, in a post fight interview says, “This is my humble request: Violence has been going on in Manipur for almost a year now. People are dying, and many are in relief camps facing shortages of food and water. Children are unable to study properly, and the future looks uncertain. Modi ji, please visit Manipur and restore peace in the state.” (Translated from Hindi)

Following the viral plea from the MFN star of Kamu Koireng village, Kangpokpi, people are rallying behind him, highlighting the urgent need to address the ongoing issue in Manipur. Interestingly, UFC superstar Anshul Jubli from India showed his support by resharing the news on his Instagram. Beyond Jubli, politicians and people of Manipur are also sharing the video. 

Clearly, the MFN star has learned from Chimaev and others to use his platform to support solving the problem. Now, all eyes are on the Prime Minister to see how quickly he responds to the situation.

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