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In a recent interview, Lewis Hamilton highlighted his retirement plans, citing his nearing 40 and the desire to start a family of his own. He mentioned that his busy schedule had previously obstructed such plans. He has to shift his focus from racing to starting a family.

Despite signing a 2-year contract with his current team that is ending in 2026, Hamilton announced his retirement by the end of 2025. However, something seems to have changed his decision, and he will continue racing, but not with Mercedes.

Reports suggest that Hamilton may be on the verge of leaving Mercedes in 2025, and there is a higher possibility that he will join Ferrari, driving along with partner Charles Leclerc. Will Lewis Hamilton join Ferrari in 2025? What reasons might drive his decision to make this move? know below.

Lewis Hamilton To Leave Mercedes And Join Ferrari For 2025 Formula 1 Season ?

According to reports in Italian media, Hamilton is set to replace Carlos Sainz and join Ferrari in 2026. The Briton and Ferrari are negotiating a deal for the 2026 season, but it remains unclear whether a final contract has been signed between them.

Ferrari chairman John Elkann, a devoted follower of Hamilton, has always desired to have him along with the team. It seems his dream is no longer a dream, as Hamilton has agreed upon the offered deal, which is better than what Mercedes has offered.

Hamilton is assumed to be making this move because he faced a three-year struggle to defend his first position against three-time champion Max Verstappen.

In the past, Hamilton had declined Ferrari’s interest in securing him as their driver, stating that he believed Mercedes offered him a more promising path to success, but now it seems Ferrari has almost convinced the seven-time champ to join the team.

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The unanswered question of whether Hamilton will join the team in 2025 or 2026 continues, as both Ferrari and Mercedes have declined to comment on this situation.

Yesterday, talks about Hamilton’s retirement were circulating, and his sudden decision to switch the team appears to be disappointing for Formula 1 and Mercedes fans worldwide.

Where Will Carlos Sainz Drive After Hamilton’s Arrival?

On the other hand, despite the recent announcement of a long-term contract extension for Leclerc, Sainz’s future remains uncertain as his deal expired after the 2023 season. The Spaniard expected a two-year contract extension. He has been linked as a potential driver for Audi in the upcoming season which will make a space for Hamilton.

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