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Aston Martin’s junior driver, Fernando Alonso‘s dating history has recently come to the spotlight. The F1 star is rumored to be dating the 12-time-grammy winner Taylor Swift.

In April 2023, Alonso on TikTok, posted a video where he winked at the camera while scrolling through his phone, accompanied by a sped-up version of Taylor Swift’s “Karma.” The post, captioned “Race week era,” referring to the singer’s Eras tour creating a level of excitement among fans and followers about the F1 star’s connection to the Singer.

After the video went viral, fans’ minds filled with questions, speculating that Alonso must be dating Taylor Swift due to the content shared on TikTok. So is Alonso dating the famous pop star? Who is Fernando Alonso dating? let’s delve in to find out

Who Is Fernando Alonso Dating?

Talking about The F1 star’s dating history, The Spaniard has dated several women from models to journalists. In November 2006, Alonso entered matrimony with singer Raquel del Rosario during his championship-winning era. The couple remained together for five years before Alonso publicly announced their separation in 2011. Ever since then, Alonso hasn’t married again, but dated many of them from 2012 onwards.

Following his split with ex-girlfriend Andrea Schlager in 2022, The Spaniard posted a picture captioned “We wanted to tell you that our relationship as a couple has ended. We have been lucky enough to share a fantastic time, and it will continue to be so, but on a different form of affection”.

Today Fernando Alonso is in a committed relationship with sports journalist Melissa Jiménez. This connection was revealed in an Instagram post of @f1gossippofficial where he captioned ” The relation between Fernando Alonso and Melissa is confirmed, the couple has been together for months now , gained access to an article that featured in a magazine detailing their relationship.

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During Alonso’s single phase, fans speculated that he was dating Taylor Swift, drawn by his TikTok post. Simultaneously, Taylor, navigating heartbreak and channeling emotions into her music, produced a song titled “Anti-Hero,” often associated with the F1 star as Alonso publicly labeled himself an Anti-Hero within the sport.

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