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Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton” born January 7, 1985, in Stevenage, England is a British race car driver who is one of the best Formula 1 drivers in history. Lewis tops the list of the drivers with the most Grand Prix victories and is tied with Michael Schumacher for the most drivers championships which is seven. He was the first Black driver to win the F1 world driver’s championship. Such record-breaking success in Formula 1 history has brought Lewis huge financial rewards, making him popular amongst the world’s highest-paid athletes. Let’s gather to know, Lewis Hamilton’s net worth in 2024. How rich is the F1 star? And what all the businesses he owns.

The Formula One journey of Lewis Hamilton commenced in 2007 with McLaren. A year after his spectacular debut, he won his first-ever world championship in 2008 at the age of 23. In 2013 Hamilton moved to Mercedes as his contract with McLaren settled, little did fans know, that this move was going to have a huge impact on Hamilton’s life. The Brit claimed six World championships after this move in the year between 2014-2020, putting him with Michael Schumacher with the most championships won. Hamilton during this period racked up a lot of money, fame, and stardom. This made Lewis Hamilton the highest-paid athlete in Formula One and he had a place in the list of highest-earning athletes all over the world.

 Lewis Hamilton Networth 2024

Hamilton’s estimated net worth is around $270 million. According to Forbes, Hamilton makes over $67 million annually. He receives a salary from Mercedes for driving their F1 car which is estimated at $45 million for the entire season. He receives hefty brand endorsements and sponsorship deals from Bose, Sony, Tommy Hilfiger, and Monster Energy drinks. The brit owns residences in Monaco, the US, and the UK. Talking about Hamilton’s investments, he has invested around $22 million in a Caribbean beach resort in Grenada, an investment in a business named Zap, founded the Neat Burger business which sells vegan burgers throughout the whole US and the UK.

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Lewis is a part of the group that Purchased Denver Broncos, an NFL team which is valued at $4.6 billion, it is assumed his wealth was increased by this deal. On the Forbes list of where the world’s highest-paid athlete (Cristiano Ronaldo) is ranked, Lewis Hamilton is ranked in the 21st position, Lewis is not the only one from F1 who takes the spot at 22 there is Max Verstappen of Red Bull’s Racing, since Lewis setback from 2020 it has led Max to surpass him in earnings.

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