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When it comes to F1 racing Max Verstappen holds the crown as the best racer on the grid. His performance on the track has skyrocketed since 2021. He has won over 54 Grand Prix and 98 Podiums with over 2500 career points to date. Max currently drives for “Red Bull Racing” which is one of the best teams in Formula One history. Real-life racing was just not enough for Max, so to divert his attention from his line of work, Max plays VR games, He is a passionate gamer and a sim race expert who live streams his races, Several clips of his have been shared, and have gone viral over the internet, leading to an influx of fans becoming curious about Where exactly he conducts his live streams. Which team does he drive for?

Where does Max Verstappen conduct his live stream?

The three-time F1 world champion, “Max Verstappen”, has been made who he is by his love for racing. He is a ferocious competitor when it comes to racing in real life or on a big flat screen. Max is associated with racing so much that he live-streams his sim races on a live-streaming platform known as Twitch. His racing skills helped him earn his spot in the best racing eSports team: “Team Redline”. He has over 2,88,000 followers who cheer him on Team Redline’s official Twitch account.

The sim racing setup that he has control over is something we should be talking about. According to, Max owns an F1-style rig, which comprises a Playseat F1, a top-quality Leo Bodnar sim steering system, and an impressive Precious Sim Racing LM-X 911 RSR style sim racing wheel. The pedals he uses are Heusinkveld Ultimate, for viewing a pair of Samsung 32-inch curved triple screens and an additional screen for retrieving race information. Using this setup Max plays various racing games, he races in iRacing, Virtual La Mans, and GT. Analyzing his performance left no doubt in fans’ minds that he is easily among the three best sim racers in the world.

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Apart from playing games, the F1 star is also considering starting his racing team where sim racers can get the opportunity to experience real-world racing without undergoing karting. This will impact sim racing to spread like a virus over the world because of Verstappen’s popularity.

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