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Mike Perry Earnings: BKFC Payday Equals 15 UFC Fights for
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Mike Perry has proven to be the face of the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship with his fourth win inside the ring. In his MMA career, Platinum Perry was good, but without gloves, he is on another level, having stopped the former UFC champion. Now, as he becomes the talking point of the combat sport for his victory against Eddie Alvarez at BKFC 56, reports of his earnings have surfaced. They suggest that he has almost earned the same amount of money with this fight as he did in 15 fights at the UFC. Let’s dive in to find details about it.

Did Mike Perry Earn More in BKFC Than What He Used to Get in UFC?

Talking about his purse at the BKFC, although there is no official confirmation as the purses are quite secret. However, as per reports, Perry just inked a $8 million deal for multi-fights with Bare Knuckle Promotion. And given the way he has been in the first three bouts and becoming the poster guy for obvious reasons he has raised his fight purse.

And, according to reports, considering the $8 million contract, he received $1.3 million for his fight against Eddie Alvarez. Given his performance, which has made him the talk of the internet, he truly deserves this contract. However, it took him 15 UFC fights to earn this much money.

According to MMA Uncensored, Perry took 15 fights to earn what he is earning now. It’s crucial to note that not every fighter receives substantial purses from the beginning. When Perry was starting his career and wasn’t a widely recognized face, he didn’t secure big purses. Now that he’s well-established in the combat realm, he’s getting the compensation he deserves. 

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With each fight under BKFC, it’s likely to increase, considering he’s become the Conor McGregor of the company—essentially, the marketable face drawing fans from around the world to major events.

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