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Deontay Wilder
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Deontay Wilder is willing to test himself in Mixed Martial Arts and has targeted the UFC as his desired platform. While several boxers like Claressa Shields Savannah Marshall and others have chosen PFL to make the MMA transition, Wilder wants to compete under Dana White’s promotion.

Having scored most number of KOs amongst the active heavyweight stars, Wilder is undoubtedly one of the best names in today’s boxing. In a pro career of 43-2-1, the former WBC champion has claimed 42 wins via knockout.  That said, ‘The Bronze Bomber’ envisions himself offering a similar threat to the UFC fighters.

In a chat with The Blud Blood Sports TV, Deontay Wilder said, “I’m thinking about doing both, UFC and boxing. I’ll be a dangerous man in the UFC with 4oz gloves… I feel like picking up a big body and slamming him, then getting on top of him and beating the s*** out of him.”

After suffering his only two career losses against Tyson Fury consecutively Wilder returned to the win-track by knocking out Robert Helenius in October 2022.

Meanwhile, his lost WBC title is still under the reign of Tyson Fury and he shall compete against unified champion Oleksandr Usyk next. Hence, Deontay Wilder doesn’t seem likely to come near the boxing world title picture anytime soon. Therefore, he can possibly explore his chances in the UFC.

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Will Dana White entertain Deontay Wilder In The UFC?

There’s no reason why Dana White shouldn’t let Deontay Wilder enter the UFC, especially when the boxer is interested. Wilder is a star-boxer in the heavyweight division. He possesses immense power to put any man to sleep.

Although MMA would be an absolutely different ball game, Wilder’s star power shall benefit the UFC. It would also be interesting to see whether ‘The Bronze Bomber’ will have any change in his power in the 4 OZ gloves. On the flip side, the UFC heavyweight division is also filled with elite fighters who can put Deontay Wilder into sheer trouble.

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