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  • UFC Star Expresses Frustration Over iShowSpeed’s Conduct After Lionel Messi’s Ballon d’Or Win
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2023 Ballon d’Or footballer is Lionel Messi,” this is how David Beckham announced that the wizard from the land of Diego Maradona, had won the prestigious Ballon d’Or for the 8th time in his career after clinching the World Cup and Copa America with Argentina. While this was a huge for Messi fans, it was not well-received by Cristiano Ronaldo’s fan, IShowSpeed. We have witnessed his passionate love and admiration for the Al Nassr player, and due to the “GOAT” rivalry between CR7 and Messi, he was displeased with Messi’s victory. His reaction went viral on the internet, and in response to his wild behavior, UFC star Darren Till expressed his anger.

UFC Star Darren Till Unhappy with iShowSpeed’s Actions Following Lionel Messi Ballon d’Or Win

Lionel Messi is undeniably one of the greatest players, not just of this era, but across generations. The way he has played throughout his career is truly magical and serves as an inspiration for generations to come. Meanwhile, Cristiano Ronaldo is another player who excels in every aspect, from being the biggest football star to possessing exceptional skills. Therefore, fans are deeply passionate about their favorite.

Similarly, IShowSpeed is a huge Ronaldo fan, and during his streams, he often takes playful jabs at Messi, which can be quite hilarious. This has garnered him millions of followers due to his anger and the outlandish things he does on his stream. However, the behaviors that millions admire him for don’t amuse Darren Till. He reacted with anger, expressing his dislike for IShowSpeed’s behavior and questioning why such behavior earns him millions of fans and money.

Darren Till going through it
byu/WojakUnbound inufc

According to Till, he openly admitted to disliking Speed because he himself has to choose which clothing to sell in order to make money, in addition to his earnings from fighting purses and sponsorships. Meanwhile, Speed engages in unusual activities and manages to earn a substantial income.

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To be fair to IShowSpeed, he provides entertainment in a different form, while Till offers it through his fighting. Both are pursuing their own paths. It’s worth noting that Till has deleted the tweet, but it will be interesting to see if Speed responds to it or not.

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