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Dana White
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Dana White has been the face of the UFC long before the MMA fighters could captivate the market to become the biggest stars. From being the CEO to becoming the President, 54-year-old White has gone against all odds to build this billion-dollar company.

That said, the question remains of how the UFC would like without Dana White’s involvement. Well, White doesn’t see that happening anytime soon. Having shed a lot of extra weight, Dana White is now seemingly taking care of his health and claims to feel fit.

However, the UFC president is aware of the fact that one day he shall leave and a lot of things won’t remain the same after that. In a chat with Maxx Crossby, Dana White spoke about several things including his retirement plans.

He said, “Retirement really isn’t even a thought.  I feel like I am 25 again. So, if I keep feeling as healthy as I feel now I can’t see a day where I don’t want to work anymore. I just don’t ever see that happening. It will be a long time before I go away unfortunately for some of you that you know want to see me disappear anytime soon. It isn’t going to happen.”

“If and when I leave, UFC is going to be different, very different.  Especially the culture here, a lot of things will change about the UFC.”

UFC is currently owned by Endeavour’s TKO group, which also owns the WWE. Valued at $21 billion, UFC is at its biggest under the TKO group right now. Meanwhile, Dana White remains the one of the honchos of it.

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Dana White and His Next Bing Plans

Following Conor McGregor’s success, UFC has had many household superstars on the road. MMA giant Francis Ngannou became a star after his stint in the UFC while Ilia Topuria, Israel Adesanya, Sean O’Malley, and others are becoming globally renowned.


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That said, there are many super fights in the making. Dana White has planned on expanding his business in Mexico and India in 2024. However, the MMA market also has new competitors especially with PFL acquiring Bellator and One Championship’s hold in Asia.

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