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  • Former UFC Champion Validates Joe Rogan To Have Been a Part of Ultimate Fighting Championship Even Before Dana White- ‘In My First Fight’
Joe Rogan and Dana White
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Joe Rogan and Dana White are two of the oldest pioneers of UFC, who have seen the promotion rise from scratch to where it stands today. While the company has witnessed changes in many faces, Rogan and White have always been constant.

Joe Rogan has also mentioned leaving the UFC when Dana White exits the company. That said former UFC champion Vitor Belfort recently hinted at Rogan being a part of the UFC before Dana White.

Belfort recently appeared on Rampage Jackson’s podcast and shed views on several things. Both- Belfort and Jackson are two legendary fighters in the UFC and they couldn’t restrict themselves from recalling how the UFC used to be in the past.

While referring to Rogan. Vitor Belfort went on to tag him as the second ‘Dana White’ before mentioning the UFC commentator’s debut.

He said, “He is the second Dana White. We debuted on the same day. Me and him, we debuted on the same day.”

“No, when I debuted in my first fight, he [Joe Rogan] was debuting the first time he was interviewing.

“Yeah [He was there before Dana White].”

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Joe Rogan Slowly Became the Face of The UFC

Joe Rogan was never a fighter. However, his efficiency as a commentator and interviewee earned him one of the biggest platforms in the US sporting community. While Joe Rogan continues to be an A-listed podcaster and comedian, his identity as the UFC commentator has also become synonymous.

Now that Rogan has been a part of UFC for decades, the elite podcaster is expected to be with the promotion till very end. Per reports, Rogan currently has a networth of over $200 million. A lot of it has to do with his exclusive deal with Spotify. Hence, the UFC commentator may not have to work a day for money anymore. However, there’s no denying that Rogan is an ardent fan of combat and shall continue his involvement in the sport till his end.

When do you think Joe Rogan will have his last appearance as the official UFC commentator?

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