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John Wick
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Keanu Reeves starrer John Wick is currently one of the promising franchises in the Hollywood sphere and Joe Rogan appears to be a fan, like several more people. However, the UFC commentator isn’t blindfolded by the actions of the movie.

Having practiced and watched MMA for several years, Joe Rogan knows a lot about fighting. That said, the professional UFC commentator claims to have watched all four John Wick films so far. Keanu Reeves and the franchise have left Rogan impressed. However, Joe Rogan went on to tag the storyline to be ‘childish’.

During a chat with Chris Williamson on the JRE, Rogan went on to talk about several things. Meanwhile, John Wick was a part of it. Rogan analyzed the plot differences in the storyline and how the entire movie shows unstoppable action.

He said (52 mins), “There’s the fourth one they are like over the top. Crazy. I enjoyed the fourth one but it’s very different than the first one. The first one you could kind of believe that, all that could really happen. By the fourth one they had a band and all that s..t. It’s like they have bulletproof jackets and it’s just like they’re running into bullets and it’s just cartoonish, but it’s fun.”

Keanu Reeves has grabbed global attention with his stunts and Kohn Wick is arguably his most popular work so far. That said, he plans on captivating ore on that success.

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Will There Be Any More John Wick Movies?

Following the success of John Wick 4, Reeves vowed to make the fifth film of his franchise. In 2023, a tv series was made named – Continental- from the universe of the franchise’. Hence the action-packed cinematic work seems to be in safe hands. However, filmmaker Stahelski doesn’t seem to be much convinced.

In an interview, he talked about potential John Wick 3 and told, “It’s not something I can answer right away. For the moment, I’m going to do other things and if, one day, while walking the dog or driving, an idea came to me, I’d be shooting with Keanu Reeves in a matter of seconds.”

It remains to be seen whether we grab the fifth installment of the movie as ‘Baba Yaga’ has become globally popular and one of the most famous action characters of all-time in Hollywood cinema.

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