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Joe Rogan
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Joe Rogan, the renowned US comedian, is also a regular face in UFC events and has been associated with the MMA promotion since its initial days. Having cemented his roots in the commentary panel, Rogan’s renowned podcasts and comic appearances have also helped him amass generational wealth.

As of today, the 56-year-old is one of the wealthiest individuals on the UFC panel. A lot of it has to be credited to his lucrative Spotify deal as Joe Rogan is now a multi-millionaire American. Here’s a look at his net worth and earnings.

Joe Rogan Networth: Is He Close to Becoming a Billionaire?

Joe Rogan reportedly has a networth of $130 million, and hence is still far from becoming a billionaire. Amidst his UFC commentary duties, Rogan became a podcaster back in 2009 and became one of the best in the industry in six 6 years.

By 2017, The Joe Rogan Experience was one of the most talked-about podcasts in the entire world. Rogan was making somewhere around $5 million/ year from his podcast. Besides, the UFC commentator pocketed millions by hosting US TV Series ‘Fear Factor’ from 2011 to 2006. Joe Rogan also earns $50k for each UFC event (reportedly).

Hence, his early income from the UFC seems to be up to $3-$4 million.  Nevertheless, Rogan’s SPOTIFY deal remains the prime reason for how he bagged the big pot of money.

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The Lucrative Spotify Deal

Joe Rogan inked a multi-year deal with Spotify on May 19, 2020. The contract approved Spotify to remove all of Rogan’s past content from YouTube and include them exclusively on their platform. The deal was worth $200 million. That said, Joe Rogan was aligned to receive $67 million per year.

Last Year, Spotify banned 113 of Rogan’s podcast episodes citing insensitive language use as the reason. The deal is on the brink of ending and it’s not revealed whether Spotify would renew it. However, Rogan would continue to take big paychecks from his other activities. Several media reports also verify Rogan to be a smart investor. He has put finances into major brands like Coca Cola, Ford, Amazon and many more.

As a multi-professional, Rogan has opened several doors of financial gain and seems to be living a comfortable life. As MMA fans continue to connect with him, the UFC commentator looks likely to be a part of the sport till his final days. It remains to be seen what he does with his podcasting career and where does it take him exactly.

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