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Sean O'Malley
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Sean O’Malley rose to stardom after he clinched the UFC Bantamweight title by knocking out Aljamain Sterling in a stunning fashion. He grabbed sheer attention but not all of them were positive. O’Malley’s public confession about having an open marriage with his wife Danya Gonzalez seemingly triggered a lot of fighters and fans on the Internet.

Meanwhile, ‘SUGA’ appears to be unaffected by all the hatred as he continues to be vocal about his relationship. The UFC champion has always acknowledged his wife’s support, while he is becoming one of the biggest athletes of recent times. Here’s everything you need to know about her.

Who is Sean O’Malley’s wife Danya Gonzalez?

Danya Gonzalez is a beauty expert and a hairdresser. Per media reports, she was born in 1991 and studied Cosmetology. Currently, she owns a parlor named “Hairapy by Danya” and is frequently seen promoting it on social media. Her salon’s official IG handle reflects over 25k followers. Danya Gonzalez is three years older than her partner Sean O’Malley and the two seem to share a friendly bond.

Sean O'Malley and his wife (Credits:- IG)
Sean O’Malley and his wife (Credits:- IG)

She has also competed in Jiu-jitsu as Gonzalez and O’Malley first met each other at the gym. That’s when the two fell in love and decided to partner up. Meanwhile, Sean O’Malley has publicly confessed to having an open relationship with his partner. The pair welcomed their first child, Elena, a baby girl, in 2020.

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Open Marriage of the UFC Superstar

In several podcasts and his own YT channel, Sean O’Malley revealed his open marriage status. The internet went on a wildfire as they criticized O’Malley’s decision. The UFC champion also revealed getting threatened by Vitor Belfort for the same.

Connecting on a podcast, O’Malley said, “You see what’s going viral?”

He added, “I’ll say it so people can clip this too, it said I can cheat on my wife because I’m the king and I pay for everything, you see that going viral as f**k? It’s fire. Vitor Belfort messaged me he said he wants to kick my a**.”

“Vitor’s gonna f***ing beat my a now, but I mean relationships are relationships, they work or they don’t. We’ve been together for what eight years or some s**t, doing good so it’s crazy how people just.”\

Despite all the criticisms, O’Malley and Gonzalez remains to be a celebrated couple. The pair enjoys a multi-millionaire lifestyle while O’Malley continues to aim at more athletic peaks in his UFC career.

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