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Ian Garry Wife: Who is Layla Anna-Lee?
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The UFC is quite efficient at discovering raw talent and propelling them to stardom. They have been successfully able to do it with the first UFC double division champion, Conor McGregor. Another similar Irish star who is on the verge of achieving such fame is the welterweight, Ian Garry. The undefeated welterweight has captivated the hearts of fans with his performance inside the octagon and has generated a lot of hype around him. Thus, the fans are always curious to learn about him. However, a lot about his personal life remains relatively unknown. Let’s inspect his partner and wife, Layla Anna-Lee.

‘The Future’ boasts a professional MMA record of 13-0. While he has remained rock solid inside the octagon, he has developed a flourishing relationship with British-Brazilian star Layla. The 40-year-old has had a successful career in media, starting as a presenter for children’s television on CITV and Nickelodeon and later moving into sports broadcasting.

Layla Anna-Lee: The wife of Ian Garry

Anna-Lee gained significant recognition for her work covering major sporting events, including the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

In addition to her professional achievements, she has been a supportive figure in Ian Garry’s career, accompanying him to his fights and even celebrating his successes, like getting a matching tattoo to commemorate his entry into the top 15 ranking in the UFC’s 170-pound division

Anna-Lee and Ian Garry started dating around 2021, during his time at Cage Warriors. She has been a consistent supporter of his career, being present for his first professional championship win. The couple tied the knot in a surprise Las Vegas wedding on February 26, 2022.

The duo also have a child together. They welcomed their first child, a son, in October 2022. This addition to their family came after their marriage in February 2022.

Recently, the couple found themselves in the middle of a controversy about a book seemingly written by Layla Anna-Lee, ‘How to Be a WAG’. For this reason, Garry issued a warning to Sean Strickland. Moreover, the BJJ star Dillon Danis also chimed in on the controversy.

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