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Joe Rogan
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Joe Rogan is a comedian, podcaster, UFC interviewer, and color commentator. His podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, is one of the most famous podcasts in the world today, drawing in tens of thousands of listeners daily. Rogan has also worked in cinema as an actor and TV show host on Fear Factor.

The American podcaster has not had the most stable of childhoods. His early life was filled with domestic violence, abuse, and patriarchal toxic masculinity. He grew up in a household where physical abuse was advocated. His father was a strong supporter of that.

Let’s try to understand what goes on between one of the most successful podcasters and UFC’s prominent commentator, Joe Rogan, and his father, and the relationship between the two.

The relationship between Joe Rogan and his father Joseph Rogan

Joe Rogan was born in Newark, New Jersey, in 1967. His father, Joseph Rogan, is a former New Jersey police officer. Joseph Rogan has largely remained absent from Joe Rogan’s life. He was raised by his mother and stepfather as a child after his biological father and mother divorced each other.

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According to Joe Rogan, he doesn’t have too many fond memories of his biological father, Joseph Rogan. He was a kid of 5 years of age when his parents divorced, and he never spoke to his father after that. According to him, the few memories he does have of his father are full of violence and abuse.

Joe Rogan had seen his father beat a lot of people up. However, according to him, he had never actually hit Joe himself. Joe’s father was also an advocate of toxic masculinity. He believed that boys shouldn’t cry and had once told Joe that as long as he didn’t cry, he was free to do as he pleased.

Joe Rogan and his dog
Joe Rogan with his dog Marshall.
Credits – The Instagram handle of Joe Rogan – @joerogan

Joe had also seen his father get into bar brawls and fight with customers in a bar he owned. While Joe doesn’t remember his father enough to have any sort of relationship with him, he does maintain that he does not agree with any of the views his old man had. A large part of that was because of his stepfather, the man his mother married after her divorce from Joseph.

However, Joe is now happily married to Ditzel and has three daughters. Moreover, he has also adopted a well-known member of the Rogan family, Marshall Mae. The 56-year-old has made an Instagram account for the Golden Retriever, which remains quite active.

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