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UFC Illegal Moves: A Fan’s Essential Guide to MMA Rules
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It is safe to say that MMA has outshined boxing and WWE in recent years. Thanks to major promotions like UFC, MMA is really gaining popularity worldwide. While it is still the fastest-growing sport, there are many fans who are still new to this sport and are still learning about this beautiful bloodsport. So in this article, we’ll dive into the details about UFC illegal moves that fighters are not allowed to use inside the octagon.

UFC Illegal Moves: A Fan’s Guide to MMA Rules and Prohibited Techniques

While there are risks in WWE, when it comes to UFC, the risks are higher, so fighters cannot perform anything they want like in pro wrestling as it is not a scripted and staged sport like WWE. So, fighters are restricted to perform and fight within a certain set of rules in UFC. Understanding these rules is crucial to avoid penalties or disqualification, as seen by Jon Jones’ loss due to a controversially illegal move. So check out the following list:

  • Headbutting

Headbutting is not allowed in MMA and UFC fights because it can hurt opponents badly and lead to penalties.

  • Eye poke

Eye-poking involves inserting fingers or knuckles into an opponent’s eyes to gain an unfair advantage given it harms the vision of the fighter and as it is really dangerous to eyes it is not allowed.

  • Hitting behind back of head

Hitting the back of the head is banned in MMA and UFC because it can cause serious harm to the opponent and it is life threatening . It can lead to point deductions or disqualification if used despite warnings from referees.

  • Kicking the head of grounded fighter

Kicking or kneeing the head of a grounded opponent is prohibited in UFC and MMA. 

  • 12-6 Elbow

The most popular banned move in UFC is the 12-6 elbow strike, leading to Jones’ disqualification despite his victory. This illegal technique entails rotating the arm from a “12 o’clock” to a “6 o’clock” position, striking the opponent’s head.

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  • Pinching, biting, stomping, fish hooking, hair pulling and others

Pinching; Applying pressure to areas of an opponents body in order to induce discomfort or pain.

Biting; Using ones teeth to inflict harm or discomfort which’s both dangerous and unsportsmanlike.

Stomping; Intentionally stepping or stomping on an adversary, which can result in injuries.

Fish Hooking; Inserting fingers into an opponents mouth, nose or other facial openings with the intention of causing pain or manipulating them.

Hair Pulling; Grasping and pulling an opponents hair, which can cause pain and potentially lead to injuries.

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