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Formula One drivers tackle challenging tracks at high speeds, where every move counts towards victory or defeat. Their bravery and skill fascinates global audiences, showcasing the peak of automotive athleticism.

Formula one originated from the European motor racing championships of the 1920s and 1930s. The formula consists of a set of rules to be followed by participants car. The first Grand Prix race was conducted in Turin in 1946 anticipating the official start of the formula one.

It’s been few months since we saw Max Verstappen clinched his 3rd world championship title ahead of his competitive teammate Sergio Perez.

Many legendary Formula One world champions claimed the title once or multiple times in the history of the sport. However, during the early days, the initial races were only broadcast in European countries, which limited the viewership of motorsport fans.

Formula One fans might always have a question in their heads about who won the first World Championship title and which team he drove for. So let’s look ahead to discover who the person was that claimed the title and which team he drove for.

Who Won The First Ever Formula One World Championship?

Emilio Giuseppe Farina, also known as Giuseppe Antonio “Nino” Farina,was an Italian racing driver and the first official Formula One World Champion in 1950 with team Alfa Romeo. Farina was a tough and determined racer who believed in himself and showed a lot of bravery. He used these qualities to make up for the better abilities of his opponents who were naturally more talented.

Born in Turin, Italy, Farina from the age of nine was in racing. His first ever car experience was driving his father’s car around his company factory.

Farina earned the nickname ‘the gentleman of Turin’ due to his privileged background and the natural dignity with which he carried himself, even while in the driver’s seat.

After winning almost every Grand Prix Farina decided to take a step back. Farina retired in 1955 from racing but his interest in formula one still continued, as did his confidence and his driving ability.

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On June 30, 1966, Farina set out from Turin in a Lotus-Cortina, heading for the French Grand Prix at Reims. While driving in the Alps near Chambery, his car skidded off a slippery bend, resulting in the death of the first World Champion.

The 59-year-old is still remembered as the first world champion of motor racing. If he were alive today, his legacy would likely be even more prominent. He would have had the opportunity to witness the evolution of Formula One and the sport’s growing global popularity.

Witnessing the continuation of his legacy carried by legends Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton would have pleased him greatly.

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