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Addressing Rumors Is Rhea Ripley Dating Dominik Mysterio
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Throughout the lifetime of WWE, many on-screen love stories have made house in the hearts of the WWE Universe, from the pairing of Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth to the controversial duo of Edge and Lita. These on-screen couples have a long-lasting impression on fans worldwide. However, one new couple has truly stood out from the rest: Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio. The question stands is Rhea Ripley Dating Dominik Mysterio or nor?

Ripley and Domink’s on-screen relationship began in rather an unconventional manner. Debuting alongside his father, Dominik saw numerous challenges, clashing with Raw’s faction known as Judgment Day. Their physical encounters led to Ripley’s fondness for Dominik grow, leading to a peculiar yet undeniable bond between them. We will be analysing whether they are actually in love or not.

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Are Rhea Ripley and Dominick Mysterio Dating?

While being in the faction of “The Judgement Day”, the son of Rey Mysterio and Mami are shown to have a strong bond. Dominik Mysterio is present on Mami’s side to support her, and Mami is also present on the ringside whenever she is having a match. Whenever her dom-dom is hurt, she will be there to heal him and give him a talk. She always wants good for him, and that feeling is mutual.



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As we have also seen on Christmas Day and Valentine’s Day, Rhea and Mysterio went out together and disrupted Rey Mysterio’s celebration Dominik beat his father on Christmas Day, which felt like he was following orders of his Mami. They were shown dating on Valentine’s day previous year on TV as well. Addressing the rumors directly, they are not in a relationship and are just good friends. Both are happy in their own relationships.

Relationship Status

On March 11, 2024, Dirty Dom married his real-life girlfriend, which completely turned off the rumours of both dating each other. Rhea Ripley attended the marriage with her other faction members as well. They are just having strictly on-screen relationships and nothing else.

Dominik Mysterio married Marie Julitte
Dominik Mysterio married Marie Juliette, Source – Instagram: @dominik_35

Likewise, Ripley also got engaged with Buddy Matthews, on August 10, 2023, which also kills off the rumour of both dating. The world of wrestling has seen many professional wrestling love stories that always stay only on screen. Wrestling world stories may not be equal to real-life stories.

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