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Five Samoan Greats, Including The Rock and Roman Reigns, Defeated John Cena
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Many people in this era have started watching WWE when John Cena began dominating the WWE universe. He defeated numerous greats, from Randy Orton to CM Punk and others. Thanks to him, during a time when the company was transitioning eras and lacking superstars, he held many fans’ interest in the sport with his dominant performances, winning countless times. 

However, in his 20-year career, he faced several Samoan wrestlers, including The Rock and Roman Reigns, and whenever he faced them, the Samoans displayed their dominance, as he was beaten by five different Samoan wrestlers. Let’s delve into the details.


Samoan Dominance: The Rock, Roman Reigns, and More Secure Victory Over John Cena

In WWE, there is a long history of Samoan superstars, from Peter Maivia to Rocky Johnson, and the Anoa’i family tree has deep roots in the wrestling world, with its branches extending far and wide. Given their long history in the business, it’s not surprising that John Cena has faced many of them. Interestingly, there’s a noteworthy trend on the internet that reveals the 16-time world champion has often been bested by Samoan wrestlers.

Cena early in his career  was first defeated by the flashy Rikishi in 2002. This match saw Rikishi dominate Cena with his trademark move. The Samoan dominance over Cena continued, with Solo Sikoa being the latest addition to the list of Samoan wrestlers who have defeated him.

When discussing John Cena, one of the first rivalries that comes to mind is his legendary feud with The Rock. Cena defeated The Rock to capture his record eleventh WWE Championship at WrestleMania 29. However, their rivalry was set in motion when Cena suffered a loss to The Rock in the main event of WrestleMania XXVIII. 

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Meanwhile, he was also defeated by this era’s biggest superstar, Roman Reigns, in 2021 when “The Champ” returned to the company for his short run in the company and got defeated in the SummerSlam of 2021. Apart from these four, he was also defeated by Umaga. While he has seen fair wins in his career and is a legend, it is quite interesting that he lost to five members of the same family in WWE.

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