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Mercedes Mone Shatters Stereotypes, Poised to Enter Male-Dominated ‘Highest Paid’ Wrestlers Roster With AEW Contract
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In a game-changing move, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) recently turned heads by signing Mercedes Mone, who was formerly known as Sasha Banks in WWE, to what is said to be a potentially altering contract. According to reports, AEW grabbed that opportunity and made her highest-paid women’s wrestler ever, and that could change women’s wrestling. Let us dive down into this contract deal.

Mercedes Mone: A New Paradigm for Female Wrestlers

It is expected that she will get $5 Million per year for 5 years. She also has a clause of leaving the company in just 3 years. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter indicated that her deal would make her the highest-paid female wrestler in professional wrestling. This represents a drastic deviation from the norm where male superstars have usually dominated top earners’ ranks. The Boss’s agreement means that male and female wrestlers are going to get the same respect.

Historically, WWE’s highest-paid stars have been predominantly male. Names like Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, and John Cena led the pack. However, recent years saw women like Charlotte Flair challenge this status quo. Flair secured a lucrative contract reflecting her immense contributions to the sport. Mone’s move to AEW might set a new precedent, elevating the earning potential of women’s wrestlers across both promotions.

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Former Sasha Bank’s contract impact goes far beyond monetary compensation and is a broader acknowledgement of the worth and influence of women in professional wrestling. The likes of Lynch, Flair, Rhea Ripley, Britt Baker, and Saraya have been tested as main event worthy performers. They attracted audiences and pushed ratings up. Mone joining AEW signifies that there will be changes in the promotion’s women’s division.

A Beacon of Opportunity

Despite criticism for being slow in promoting female wrestlers in AEW, The BOSS signing indicates that it is time to start a new chapter that would see more opportunities for females to perform. The company could improve not only in terms of operational effectiveness but also through its head honcho’s intervention at WWE.

It is possible that Lynch might consider using Vernado’s groundbreaking deal during her next round of contract discussions. For pay and respect purposes, the Miss Mercedes deal is regarded as the bellwether for what female wrestlers can aim at achieving. More major money moves are coming after Mone’s deal because it denotes a new era in women’s wrestling.



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The repercussions of Mone’s contract are felt throughout the industry while women wrestlers continue their trajectory skywards both within AEW and WWE. In this landscape, female wrestlers are going to thrive even more. Increased visibility and improved compensation will mean better career prospects.

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Mercedes’s arrival in AEW signifies a monumental shift in women’s wrestling, with far-reaching implications for both AEW and WWE. As the industry embraces this new era of opportunity and equality, all women wrestlers stand to benefit from the precedent set by the CEO’s historic contract.

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