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Ethics Policy 

thesportsorbit Ethics Policy 

thesportsorbit prides itself in delivering content of the highest form. thesportsorbit is dedicated to providing content that is free from plagiarism, bias, political affiliation, and misinformation. 

Code of Ethics 

We have embraced the following principles which are diligently followed by every member of thesportsorbit who is responsible for generating content for the website.

  • At thesportsorbit, we inculcate the spirit of neutrality in news reportage and maintain a standard in covering matters of politics and sensitive topics. 
  • thesportsorbit takes strict measures to ensure all its employees are provided with a safe work environment, even in the digital space. This includes our constant effort to maintain a workplace that is free from discrimination of any form or kind. 

Factual accuracy and plagiarism 

thesportsorbit has a zero-tolerance policy towards plagiarism. It is the duty of editors at thesportsorbit to ensure every part of the content that is published on the website is factually correct and plagiarism-free. 

News sources in the digital domain 

For news/content where thesportsorbit is the original source, it is disclosed with phrases, ‘in an exclusive interview with thesportsorbit’ or ‘thesportsorbit reports.’

When the news published on thesportsorbit is obtained from a secondary source, proper credit is given to the source with the relevant text. There are cases when the news is obtained from anonymous sources. However, our writers are required to confirm the news with our Managing Editor before pursuing the story. 

Tone, language, and protecting the neutrality 

The editorial team at thesportsorbit takes utmost care to follow the company standards set while covering/reporting news. This includes maintaining neutrality in coverage, use of tone, language, and visuals used to report a story. 

thesportsorbit seeks to ensure that the content published is consumable by visitors of all ages and backgrounds. Hence, care is taken to ensure that no story misrepresents, miscommunicated, or misinforms the readers through the tone and language sued in reportage. 

thesportsorbit admittedly covers opinionated pieces from time to time. However, every step of the way our editorial team ensures that it adheres to company guidelines in content generation. These opinion pieces do not aim to demean or disregard facts, statistics, or any individual or organization. 

Social media and promotional content 

thesportsorbit doesn’t promote any individual or organization through its articles or social media platforms. All of thesportsorbit’s social media handles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin) adhere to company policies and guidelines.  

thesportsorbit has the right to modify the guidelines from time to time, as appropriate.