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The 2024 Formula One season is set to begin on March 2 in Bahrain. The season will consist of 24 races throughout the calendar year, with preseason testing beginning on Wednesday, February 21.

As we know, all the teams have revealed the liveries that will be on the grid. Each team launched its 2024 challenger on a specific launch date dedicated to the livery.Let’s check all the F1 2024 Liveries below.

Every Car And Livery Revealed Ahead Of Preseason Testing For The New Season

Red Bull: RB20 

The 2023 Dominators was the last team to reveal their car “The RB20” on Thursday, February 15. We can see not many changes have been made to the body of the RB20 the car is still in its traditional navy blue color.

If we were only considering the aerodynamic changes and resulting looks without any paint on the cars, I think the newest Red Bull design would be one of the best. Those “torpedo tubes” on the engine cover might not look great, but they’re definitely unique.

Mercedes: W15

The Silver Arrows launched their F1 car on Wednesday, February 14. The W15 is coated with black and silver shades as it’s their original scheme similar to their 2020 livery which brought them good success.

The W15 is expected to turn the events in favor of Mercedes as it’s Lewis Hamilton’s last season with them before joining Ferrari.

Ferrari: SF24

The F1 team from Maranello revealed their car for the 2024 season on February 13, sticking with their classic red color.

Ferrari and Red Bull were the only teams to win in the 2023 F1 season, with Carlos Sainz winning for Ferrari in Singapore.

This is Sainz’s final season with Ferrari, and in 2025, we’ll see an exciting team-up of Hamilton and Charles Leclerc for the Prancing Horse in 2025.

McLaren: MCL38

McLaren unveiled their livery for the 2024 season on January 16, but they officially revealed it on February 14. The reveal showcased the papaya color scheme that McLaren has been using since 2018.

The car will be on the grid during the Bahrain GP in the hands of Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri.

Aston Martin: AMR24

The Silverstone-based F1 team launched their livery on February 12, Just like last year, the mix of classic racing green with modern yellow piping looks great. It gives off a vibe of a team with lots of F1 experience.

The yellow piping is placed nicely to highlight the lines on the side of the car as if it’s slicing through the air. This is probably what Adrian Newey sees when he watches a fast-moving car.

Alpine: A524

The French F1 team launched their F1 car on February 7, Alpine decided to reveal their real A524 car from their Enstone factory, but with a twist.

The French team showed off two different looks for Esteban Ocon and Pierre Gasly to use. They’ll use the main design for 16 races and the second one, with pink splashes, for the other eight events.

Williams: FW46

The Williams revealed their new design at a special event in New York, Just like McLaren.

Their updated look now includes logos from a new big sponsor, Komatsu, a Japanese company. This fresh design will be seen on the actual FW46 car for the first time during a test run in Bahrain on February 20.


The team, formerly known as AlphaTauri and Toro Rosso, revealed the new livery of its VCARB 01 2024 car in Las Vegas on February 9. Under its new identity as ‘Visa Cash App RB’, the Formula 1 team adopted a blue and white livery.

The rebranded team aims for a fresh start to the 2024 campaign after finishing a lowly 8th in the F1 Constructor’s standings last season.

Kick Sauber: C44

Sauber, now called the Stake F1 Team, is starting a new chapter after returning to F1 and parting ways with Alfa Romeo.

They unveiled the C44 car with a fresh color scheme featuring fluro-green on a carbon base on February 5. The team officially changed its name to Stake F1 Team on January 1, 2024.

Haas: VF-24

There’s not much else to add about Haas’s ninth F1 car. They’ve stuck with a straightforward approach, using red, white, and black colors, and they’ve done it well.

The design isn’t particularly innovative, but that’s understandable given the team’s 10th-place finish last season and their expectations to start this season in a similar position. It could have been improved if they had opted to make the white around the cockpit and halo black instead.

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