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After a great race in Florida, Formula 1 1 moves ahead to its seventh race of the season in Imola, where Mercedes is set to bring upgrades to its W15 for the Emilia Romagna GP.

Mercedes has announced some crucial upgrades to its car before the race taking place this weekend.

The upgrades aim to benefit the team for ongoing battles in the constructors championship which can help team secure more points.

The upgrade’s first half was used in Miami GP, while the second half will follow at the upcoming races weekend at Imola.

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In 2024, Mercedes has faced various challenges on the track with their car, resulting in them trailing in the constructors standings, currently ranking at fourth position behind McLaren.

Let’s delve deeper into what upgrades exactly is Mercedes planning for Imola? Also,what are the opinions of Mercedes’s engineers regarding these upgrades?

Mercedes’ Track Engineer Discusses Imola Upgrade Strategy

The Mercedes Track Engineering Director provided insights on the car’s abnormal behavior in previous races and explained the reasoning behind new updates.

Some of these updates were utilized in Miami, while the other half will be used for this weekend’s race.

“Did it (the Miami upgrades. ed) work as expected? Yes, but everyone else is developing their cars, McLaren was seen with a big package and it seems that they have made progress, explained Andrew Shovlin.

The inconsistency in the car’s performance from race to race has been a significant hurdle for Mercedes this season.

“What we tend to find is that the car from session to session can behave very differently and until we overcome that we don’t get any benefit from the updates.”

Shovlin also stated the team has planned more upgrades for further races.

“And we also have a good thread of updates that will arrive during the next three or four races. A lot of work is being done and hopefully, we will soon begin to see the fruits,”

The expected upgrades include modifications aimed at circuits with low-speed corners, such as Monaco and Montreal, suggesting that the car’s evolved design may better suit the upcoming European leg of races.

However, Mercedes isn’t the only team that has introduced upgrades to their car; Red Bull and McLaren have also entered the competition by introducing new upgrades.

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Lando Norris secured his first-ever victory in Formula One with McLaren’s emerging upgrades to their papaya-themed livery happened in Miami.

Mercedes’ engineering team, working tirelessly, aims to witness direct results from the developments at Imola this coming weekend.

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