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In the recent race in Japan at the Suzuka Circuit, observers considered the Aston Martin AMR24 to have experienced the most extensive upgrades of all the cars.

The AMR24, which Aston Martin introduced on February 12 as the challenger for F1 2024, was observed to have undergone a wide range of improvements and modifications for the Japanese GP.

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It was no coincidence that teams often brought upgrades to Japan, as Suzuka had always been one of the most demanding tracks on technical levels.

Aston Martin, along with Red Bull and Alpine, had brought substantial updates on their AMR24 for the Japanese GP 2024.

Did Aston Martin make specific updates to their AMR24 that contributed to securing sixth position in the race?

Furthermore, what adjustments did they implement to their AMR24 to maximize its potential, as indicated by their team boss Mike Krack, who believes they are no longer in no man’s land?

Out of No Man’s Land: Mike Krack’s Perspective

In Japan, Fernando Alonso achieved sixth place after claiming it to be one of the best five weekends of his career, while his teammate Lance Stroll faced a more challenging time.

However, the Canadian progressed from 16th on the grid to 12th at the flag, overtaking several cars along the way.

Krack says that Alonso’s victory over both Mercedes drivers at Suzuka proves that the team is no longer lagging behind in race pace.

Krack believes they have reached a competitive form after three races, especially seeing Mercedes still lagging behind them.

“I think we can agree that we were not in no man’s land and that is positive,” he said.

“Because here, with the high degradation and – you can pass, we have seen you can pass in incredible places. 

Although I wasn’t aware that you could pass through the Esses – but you see that with a large enough pace delta and tire delta, you can do it if you’re brave enough.

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“But we did not seem to be in no-man’s land. We seem to be in the pack. We were ahead of the Mercedes. So that is very encouraging.”

“But again, it’s one data point. Bahrain is easier to pass than here. But we were never really under threat, let’s put it like that. Let’s see, we need to confirm over the next races.”

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