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Following today’s preseason testing at Bahrain, Max Verstappen was seen driving as fast as he did last year, breaking his own record.

The Formula 1 preseason was scheduled to commence on Wednesday, February 21st, with all the teams testing their cars and various tire types.

It appears that the performance of Red Bull’s RB20 is incredible, with a driver like Max able to handle such a car, so there should be no issues unless it’s genuinely the car’s fault.

So let’s delve in to find out What qualities RB20 holds than their last year’s challenger. Also at what time does Max Verstappen record his lap during pre-season testing?

Verstappen’s Fastest Lap Ever At The F1 2024 Pre-Season Testing.

The Dutch champion set the quickest lap times during the initial two hours of testing, maintaining their pace as the morning session progressed.

Max Verstappen records fastest lap on the 1st day of preseason using C3 medium tires in his RB20 with a, 1:32.548 at the lunch break, having completed a healthy 66 laps during the four-hour morning session.

Max was the sole driver who went faster than the best lap time set at this stage of the 2023 preseason, beating the previous record of his own by 0.411 seconds. His record from last year was 1 minute, 32 seconds, and 837 milliseconds.

Behind Red Bull, there’s Charles Leclerc with Ferrari, trailing by 0.699 seconds.

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Fans under @formularacers_ post were seen trolling other teams and signaling them to give up already, as they presumed Max is going to seize the 2024 title with the RB20.

Stats Of Other Teams At The Preseason Including Aston Martin, Mercedes , Williams

Fernando Alonso placed Aston Martin third and completed a session-high 77 laps, with his AMR24 appearing just as comfortable in Bahrain as it did in its impressive debut race in 2023.

Testing started off mostly uneventfully for 2024, with only Williams experiencing a major technical issue.

Also, Alex Albon was on his 40th lap when his Mercedes power unit unexpectedly shut off, forcing him to slowly drive down the front straight.

Mercedes completed the fewest laps except for Williams. George Russell managed only 48 laps, with multiple visits to his garage. During one stop, mechanics focused on his pedal box and front suspension.

The team prioritized data collection and set-up over reliability runs, easing concerns about lost time,All other teams testing are mentioned below.

Here are the Pre-Season Testing Day 1 AM session results:

  • Verstappen, 1m32.548s – 66 laps
  • Leclerc, 1m33.247s – 63 laps
  • Alonso, 1m33.385s – 77 laps
  • Piastri, 1m33.658s – 55 laps
  • Tsunoda, 1m34.136s – 63 laps
  • Russell, 1m34.230s – 46 laps
  • Bottas, 1m34.431s – 67 laps
  • Albon, 1m34.587s – 40 laps
  • Ocon, 1m34.677s – 60 laps
  • Magnussen, 1m35.692s – 65 laps

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