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Alex Pereira Has the Same Expression for Every Emotion: Sad, Happy, Afraid, Frustrated
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We are all excited for the upcoming fight event set at Madison Square Garden, where Alex Pereira is undefeated despite multiple bouts. Facing an intimidating challenger, where he is set to fight Jiri Prochazka at UFC 295 for the vacant light heavyweight title. However, known for his ‘stone face,’ when asked to express different emotions, Pereira consistently maintains the same expression, be it sad, angry, or frustrated. So let’s dive in to watch Pereira’s expression.

Alex Pereira: One Expression Fits All Emotions

Nina Marie, known for hilarious videos around the UFC and combat sports, conducts interviews that UFC fans cannot miss. She brings out amusing moments from Khamzat Chimaev to Jon Jones and everyone she sat down with. 

Meanwhile, ahead of UFC 295, she caught up with Pereira for a fun chat. During the interview, popularly known as ‘Poatan‘ for his stone face meme, she asked him to express different moods – sad, angry, frustrated, fearful, or surprised, to which Pereira maintained his well-known stoic expression. Check out the video below to see the famous Pereira expression.

Indeed, Pereira’s face remained consistent in every situation, creating a truly hilarious moment considering his usual lack of expression. It was amusing to witness, given the fact that he rarely shows any emotion. However, when prompted to display his happy expression, he revealed a smile, offering a rare glimpse of a different side. 

This isn’t the first time Pereira has become the talk of the town for his expression; his stoic face has been a topic of discussion and used as a meme on numerous occasions.

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Meanwhile, it will be interesting to see how his expression will be if he manages to win the title against Prochazka at the upcoming UFC 295. However, to do so he has to pull out something extraordinary from his arsenal to win against the fighter who has ko’ed 25 times in his career.

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