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Anshul Jubli Return: When Will the Indian UFC Star Make His Comeback?
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There is no doubt everything has changed in India, where fans used to just watch the UFC and support other athletes; now they can support their own after Anshul Jubli and Pooja Tomar got signed to the biggest MMA promotion. While the first major appearance inside the octagon for Jubli wasn’t that great as he lost to ex-UFC fighter Mike Breeden, now fans are eyeing his return. Now, the Indian fighter talking to Abhijit Chavda shared an official update on his return and told when fans can expect to see him inside the octagon once again.

What Did Anshul Jubli Said About His Return To UFC?

Although we’ve glimpsed interviews with Jubli after his fight loss, recently, we’ve seen him engage in full-fledged, deep conversations with Chavda on his podcast. During the episode, “Kings of Lion,” they shared numerous insights that fans might not know, from behind-the-scenes details during fight preparations to the weight-cut process. However, the question fans are most interested in right now is about his return. When Chavda pressed about his return the Indian star stated;

Hopefully, I’ll fight in the coming 4-5 months, and we are trying to get a fight in March or April, but it’s all in the UFC’s hands. Since I have just started my UFC career, I can’t demand from them that I want to fight on this day, on this card. For now, whatever the UFC says, I have to follow.” (Translated from Hindi)

After losing at UFC 294 against Breeden, now the 7-1-0 Indian fighter, as stated to Chavda, is set to return in the first half of this year. While they are targeting to get him for March or April, it seems not possible given both months are stacked with big names and events.

However, given the fact that the Saudi event is shifted to June, we might see him on the same card. As per the SportsOrbit anticipation and projection, the Indian fans might see him fight once again on June 22 in Saudi. However, these are just estimates as of now no date has been announced.

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Indeed, Indian fans are eager to see Jubli shine and make an impact inside the octagon, as everyone hopes to see him become a champion one day. While it may take time for that to happen, for now, he has to earn his first win in the company.


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