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Conor McGregor Beer: What is Forged Irish Stout?
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The first UFC double division champion Conor McGregor has made a name for himself in the sport of discipline. However, along with other accolades, he is quite famous for his love for the alcoholic spirit. The Irishman has ventured into the beverage industry, which had piqued the fan’s curiosity. Hailing from a region famous for its stunning landscape, Riverdance, and whiskey, it is no surprise that ‘The Notorious’ is fond of alcohol. Staying true to his love for the spirit, McGregor launched his Irish whiskey brand, Proper Twelve. He gave up the majority stake for it for $600 million back in 2021. Recently, Conor McGregor expanded his repertoire by launching his beer brand, Forged Irish Stout.

‘The Notorious’ suffered a devastating leg break injury back in 2021. After recovering, the Irishman hosted a dinner for his close friends. During the gathering, they indulged in his homemade stout. This left everyone, including McGregor, quite impressed by the drink, which ultimately motivated him to launch the brand.

Conor McGregor beer: A Deeper Dive into Forged Irish Stout

The former UFC lightweight champion created a unique blend of stout. The stout is famous for its rich, roasted flavor, typically brewed using roasted malt or roasted barley, which gives it its characteristic dark color. According to a report from The Beer Exchange, Forged Irish Stout has a complex yet creamy flavor.

The Forged Irish Stout could be considered as an intensified version of the Guinness. The key ingredients for the Irishman’s stout are:

  • Chocolate Malt
  • Barley
  • Flakes Oats

The malt and barley provide a rich chocolaty taste. On the other hand, the hint of salts in the drink provides a lighter base to the drink. Initially launched in his pub at the Black Forged Inn, the stout is now available in the USA as well.

The Irishman’s potential to elevate Irish stout to propel his whiskey startup to success remains uncertain. However, it has undeniably turned heads in the brewing industry.

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