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Conor McGregor Hairstyles: Check Out The Many Looks Of ‘The Notorious’
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Conor McGregor isn’t just a former champion; he’s an inspiration to many, not only in the MMA world but beyond. From his lavish lifestyle to his charismatic persona, fans aspire to be like him for the obvious reason that it makes them stand out from the rest. While the Irishman lives a rich and lavish life, his looks are always the talk of the town. Fans are always intrigued by his style, and whenever he changes his looks, it becomes a trend among his followers. In this article, we will explore some of the most iconic Conor McGregor hairstyles that fans can replicate to achieve his look.

Check Out Conor McGregor Hairstyles

Currently, McGregor has a hairstyle which is long hairs where he parts his hair in two part one big part where he keeps his hair on the left side’s back and the other with no beard look. This absolutely suits him given he has buffed a bit in a recent time and this long hairs compliments him. 

Credit: Conor McGregor Instagram

His most iconic look is his side-parted style with a high drop fade. This look always made him stand out, especially when paired with the suits and glasses that compliments him, giving him a larger-than-life figure look which he already is. This style is simple and easy to style. Referred to as the ‘gentleman’s shave,’ it remains a classic and timeless choice. 

His slicked-back cut is similar to his side-parted style. The slicked-back undercut works well for him, especially with his diamond-shaped face, and the addition of his beard enhances the overall look, giving him a retro gangster vibe.

While the Buzz Cut has become a new trend for boys, The Irishman has also embraced this look, resembling Brad Pitt from Fight Club—a look as iconic as it gets.

The iconic Mohawk and Top Knot look is something that only a few can carry off successfully, but McGregor is an altogether different case. He looks iconic in his fights, sporting a Mohawk in the early years and later opting for a Top Knot, somewhat like Jiri Prochazka but with less hairs.

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Indeed, over the years, he has undergone significant changes in his hairstyle, just likr MS Dhoni, the former Indian Captain who is known for his diverse looks. McGregor, like Dhoni, has showcased a stylish evolution through his various hair looks over the years.

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