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Conor McGregor’s Arrest History: A brief overview of the Irishman's legal troubles
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The former UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor has experienced a meteoric rise in his fame over the years. However, with the rising popularity, the Irishman’s errors and missteps are subject to public scrutiny. As a fighter, ‘The Notorious’ has struggled to maintain a calm persona at times, resulting in run-ins with the law. Let’s take a brief overview of the times Conor McGregor was under arrest and had trouble with the authorities.

The ‘Mystic Mac’ is renowned for his lavish lifestyle and outspoken character. Although a lot of his qualities have helped him become a household name in the MMA community, it has also led him toward legal issues at times.

Conor McGregor run-ins with the law and arrest history

McGregor is famous for his quick knockouts, but he has also had issues in relation to exceeding the driving velocity limit. Back in 2017 and 2018, the Irishman pleaded guilty to speeding offenses and paid fines. Additionally, ‘The Notorious’ had his driving license revoked for the latter. In 2022, they put the former UFC lightweight champion under arrest due to the accumulation of six driving-related incidents. For this reason, the Irishman had his sports car seized by the authorities.

One of the most infamous incidents back in 2018 included him launching a dolly toward a bus that had several fighters, including UFC Hall of Famer Khabib Nurmagomedov. Consequently, shattering the bus’s glass window and injuring several fighters. Due to this, a few of the fighters could not fight in the following event. In the aftermath, the Irishman had to surrender himself to the NYPD police. However, he reached a plea deal and served five days in community service.

Moreover, in 2019, the Irishman was under investigation for an alleged sexual assault on a woman in a Dublin hotel. The UFC star was denying any wrongdoings. However, he was put into custody and was subject to questioning by law enforcement officers.

In March 2019, the first UFC double division champion ran into another legal issue when he damaged a fan’s phone who was trying to take a picture with him. For this reason, McGregor had to spend several hours in custody. However, he got a $5,000 bond later on. However, the fan had dropped the civil suit after a month.

Back in August 2019, McGregor, having a physical altercation with a pub customer was caught on camera. The person had seemingly refused to try the Proper Twelve. Having pleaded guilty to the incident, the Irishman paid a fine and avoided a stint of up to six months behind bars.

Recently, Conor McGregor was accused of intimate offense towards an unnamed woman. The incident took place at the Kaseya Center in Miami following Game 4 of the NBA Finals. However, the investigation team later found him innocent.

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