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Everything You Need To Know About Anthony
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UFC is known for being one of the most brutal sporting promotions, housing numerous hard-hitting fighters, but few matched the impact of Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson. From facing Glover Teixeira to Ryan Bader, he battled against everyone, overpowering them with his hard-hitting combat skills. 

Ending his career with a record of 23-6-0, he left a lasting legacy as one of the sport’s most hard-hitting superstars. Tragically, on November 13th last year, he passed away, leaving the entire fight community stunned. On the anniversary of his passing, take a moment to explore the details about Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson.

Things You Need To Know About Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson 

Last year, on the evening of November 13th, former UFC star Jake Shields informed the world about the tragic passing of Rumble Johnson at 38 years of age due to a long-lasting illness. Speaking about his career, he began in the UFC in 2007, where he competed in welterweight, middleweight, and light heavyweight divisions. The most notable aspect of his career was the way he earned his victories.

Speaking about his family and life, at the age of two, he was formally adopted by his grandparents. Proficient in wrestling since his school days, Anthony enrolled in Lassen College in Susanville, California, on a wrestling scholarship. Subsequently, he transitioned to MMA and earned recognition. Regarding his marital status, he was unmarried at the time of his passing, but he had two children from his ex-girlfriend.

For those who don’t know, out of his 23 wins, he earned 17 victories via knocking out his opponent. This gives him a finish rate of almost 74%, showcasing the immense power he possessed as a fighter. Moreover, he achieved 12 finishes in just one round, which is quite impressive. Throughout his long career, he never fought in a match that went the full 5 rounds.

In 2017, he unexpectedly retired from the sport, officially hanging up his gloves. However, four years later, in May 2021, he made a surprising return from retirement to fight at Bellator. He faced Jose Augusto and secured a victory via Knockout. A few months later, he posted an update, requesting prayers and revealing that he was battling an illness.

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After battling for a year, he passed away, and the cause of death was organ failure brought on by non-lymphoma Hodgkin’s and hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis, a rare illness of the immune system. Indeed, he was one of the best fighters to enter the octagon and he inspired many to pick up MMA as a sport and his career and fights will be always remembered.


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